3 Bed Detached Villa, Downloads

Price: $105 000 USD


Country: Romania (EU)

County: Bihor

City: Sacuieni

Close by: Hungary Crossing Border


Unit size: 130.00 sqm

Floor: Ground & 1st Floor

Year Built: 2003

Views: Street and Courtyard

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Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Kitchen: Extremely Large

Entrance Porch: Covered

What's Included?

Furniture: Kitchen Cabinets

Electrical: Lights

Central Heating Boiler: All equipment

Blinds: All

Garage: All shelves

Terracotta Stove: Built in


Covered Garage: 1 

Extra Parking available: 1

Private Garden: yes

Annexes to the building: yes

Allotment: yes  Roof Loft: yes

Yearly Building Tax: 500 Ron (95 GBP)

Communal Facilities

Gated Entrance

Street Lighting

Access to two streets

Allocated Dustbins Areas


Close to amenities


Location! Location! Location!

Great property, kept in pristine conditions, located on connecting road to Hungary. Train Station, Bus Station within walking distance. This exclusive villa has access to two different streets, making this real estate property desirable and completely detached from its neighbours. It is only 800 mts from town centre, banks, restaurants and shops. It is located around 42 km north-east of Oradea, in the proximity of the Hungarian border in Bihor County, western Transylvania, Romania.

The Oradea International Airport is only 30 minutes drive away. The nearest hungarian city Debrecen is within reach in 30 minutes as well by car.

About Sacuieni, Transylvania

The town has a population of 11,000.  The first written record of the town's name dates back to 1217. Then its name arose in 1278 as Zekulhyd and in 1325 as Zekulhyda whose meaning is bridge of Székely in Hungarian, and according to a legend, Székelys were settled down here to guard the bridge of Ér as early as the 10th century.[citation needed]

In 1417, Hungarian king Sigismund gave Székelyhíd the right of organizing a fair. Soon afterwards, it also got the right that the fair to be weekly scheduled. In 1514, it was occupied by György Dózsa's army and then in 1661, it was also occupied by the Ottoman army. As a condition of the peace treaty of Vasvár, the town's castle was destroyed in 1665. From 1691 it was part of the Habsburg Monarchy up until the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867. Thereafter it became part of the Kingdom of Hungary within Austria-Hungary.

After break-up of Austria-Hungary in 1918/1920, the town became part of Romania. As a result of the Second Vienna Award it returned to Hungary between 1940 and 1945. Since then it has been part of Romania.


Săcueni, Bihor, Romania